Friday, July 10, 2009

An Introduction

This story, which is currently named Vampires in the Library, began as a strange conversation between two friends. We often have these kinds of conversations (subjects discussed: advice for personal betterment as written by dogs, the satanic appearance of Salman Rushdie's eyebrows, chocolate with sea salt and lavender, Ethelred the Unready, and so on and so forth). We do not often decide to write a story because of them, without further discussion and on Twitter, batting it to and from each other in 140-character long bits.

Kat explains it here. Megan explains it here. We don't have any idea of where this is going, or what it is turning into. We do know that it is a great deal of fun, especially since every new bit is a surprise. We're discovering what happens next at the same time as anyone who is reading it.

We're also discovering that it's very tiresome to scroll through pages of Twitter search to read a story. So, we're putting it up here, in nice, readable chunks that might even evolve into something resembling chapters.

Megan and Kat

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